When it comes to high-tech specs and durability the Rotiform has made an invariable impression. Its wheels are manufactured in the united states, designed with variation in width and diameter. The dynamics in configuration allows for a better fitting. Be it the forged two piece, forged three piece or monoblock forged, they are all obtainable in your desired configuration and finishing style.

Adequate attention is applied to details on every Rotiform design in order to suit a specific automobile need. These specifications vary from the type of lip which could be exposed or hidden for all configurations.


The diverse design of the Rotiform brand gives its customers an inexhaustible variety to choose from. These are some of the defined specifications in Rotiform wheel hardware.

  • Flat step-lip rear load
  • Flat step-lip front load
  • Concaved step-lip elevated spokes
  • Concaved step-lip wrapped spokes
  • Concaved step-lip back load
  • Concaved step-lip front load
  • Concave step/zero lip exposed
  • Concaved reversed-lip Wlegs
  • Concaved reversed-lips W/O legs
  • Concaved mono2 exposed
  • Concave mono2 hidden
  • Concave monoblock
  • Concave Monoblock


Rotiform forged brand of wheels are available in any standard of finishing suitable to its customers. Often times it is necessary to create a signatory addition and a few necessary adjustments to give that feeling of ownership, and therefore special finishes are accessible. Each finishing is professionally and meticulously applied in clear coating to help achieve that luster and the desired customization. Basic finishes include colors like black, silver, anthracite, bronze, gold and white in gloss and matte while the special feature finishes include colors like gold, copper, bronze, blue, red, DDT, purple, pink and black in polished or brushed application.

Special lavish features such as chrome, black nickel, nickel, and 24k gold are also available on demand. These limitless options are undoubtedly what makes the Rotiform brand of wheels the most indispensable in the market.




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