Mazdas MX5 Returns to the Market in 2016

The new Mazda MX 5 has been exceedingly expected the world over and it has been as of late affirmed that the model will even assume a key part in the Italian market, as the Fiat 124 Spider. As indicated by CEO for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Sergio Marchionne, at an European motoring press question and answer session, the fourth era MX5 available to be purchased, will be marked for the Italian market as a joint wander. At the point when a collaboration assention was initially reported in 2012, the arrangement was that the all new Mazda MX5 would wear an Alfa Romeo identification.

At the point when FCA settled on the choice to restore the Alfa as a back wheel drive, made in Italy mark, it was resolved that Alfa will build up its own convertible model from a back wheel drive stage, which will support the forthcoming BMW 3 Series. Now it was resolved that the FCA rendition of the new Mazda MX5 would be either an Abarth or a Fiat. In any case, with this late declaration that the base vehicle will be a Fiat show, it has been accounted for that an Abarth all the more capable model could even now be a probability.


The last Fiat 124 Spider was sold somewhere around 1966 and 1982. There was likewise a Pininfarina display accessible until 1985. This Spider Sport show 124 was a back wheel drive, front motor model which highlighted various motor alternatives including a 1.4 liter 66 kilowatt motor and a 2.0 liter 99 kilowatt motor. The new 124 Spider is relied upon to be propelled in 2016 and is probably going to include the motor utilized as a part of the new Mazda MX5 2015 model, an immediate infusion 1.5 liter motor, which offers 96 kilowatts of force.

The 1.5 liter motor is gotten from the Mazda2 motor however it has been uncommonly tuned for the all new Mazda MX 5 roadster. For the new Mazda MX 5 the SkyActiv G motor offers 150 Nm torque at 4800 rpm, with 96 kilowatts of force at 7000 rpm. This analyzes positively to the most effective motor variant utilized as a part of the higher spec Mazda2 models. The Mazda2 motor offers a most extreme of 81 kilowatts control at 6000 rpm, with 141 Nm torque at 4000 rpm.

The 1.5 liter six speed manual transmission new Mazda MX5 2015 model has an objective weight set at 1000 kilograms. There will likewise be a six speed programmed transmission demonstrate accessible. The present MX 5 includes a 2.0 liter motor which offers 118 kilowatts of force at 7000 rpm with 188 Nm torque at 5000 rpm. Be that as it may, a portion of the advantage gave by this additional torque and power is squandered because of the higher model weight of the active model. The Anniversary version as of late discharged for the 25th year festivity of the model tipped the scales at 1167 kilograms.

Mazda Australia affirmed a year ago that the all new Mazda MX 5 will be accessible in a 1.5 liter and a 2.0 liter motor. Mazda has not yet discharged the torque and power yield data for the 2.0 liter motor. In any case, a few markets including the United States and Europe will be limited to one of these motor choices.

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