KW Suspension partners up with Revwerks Canada

Are you looking for a totally new refinement in car tuning and automobile? KW automotive GmbH is your reliable partner to get this done. With an enormous customer base worldwide, KW boosts being able to offer not only the largest, but also the best suspensions all over. KW suspension covers a wide range of products ranging from sports suspension all the way to coil over suspensions. It is such unique products that make KW automotive the leader head in the market. The company is known for its long term involvement in the development and improvement in both national and worldwide motor sport competitions. It is not surprising that most racing teams in the world utilize KW racing schedules in competitions.

Currently, KW automobile GmbH has representatives across the world. At its inception in 1995, it only had three members of staff working on a small area. The first KW suspension was the coil over type. The suspension was created with the vision of satisfying every customer with the best lowering solution. 10 years later the company took over the US market becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of suspension accessories. Its growth never stagnated; in 2015 KW got the attention and became the suspension supplier of John Cooper Works Pro.


What Makes KW Suspension Unique?

KW suspension is known to be reliable and certified. This implies that whenever you get them you get assurance of performance. The high quality standard has been tested and approved by TUV for the ones made in Germany. The quality of the suspension is also guaranteed by the use of stainless steel. Therefore if you are looking for a suspension that comes with a fixed time life warranty, then you are sure to get one from KW automobile because all regardless of the type of system you get, they all come with warranties. 

It is quite easy to use KW suspension because of its nature and the packaging that it comes with. Most suspensions come with documentation that guides users on how to use. This means that if you want to learn more or try some new level you just need to refer to the document. 

The suspensions also come in three variants. This gives every customer a variety to choose from. It is perfectly made for an enthusiast who has the zeal ad interest of venturing different levels and positions. In addition to this, the height can be adjusted individually. If you are looking for the lowest level you can ever get in the market to make you outshine everyone else then this feature of KW suspension is what you need. 

Finally, KW engineers are the best. Apart from having the knowledge and expertise they bring in the experience in creating kits for a range of cars. This gives you the chance to make an order custom made for your car.

Regardless of what suspension you are looking for; always rely on KW suspension to give you quality and value for your money. Consult the experts.


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