Ducati Superlegerra 1299 Rivals the BMW HP4

Are you looking for something a little more unique than a motorcycle? What about a superbike? Well the Ducati 1299 superbike displays a sleek look with a powerful engine and features that are hard to beat. It has it all. This unique product provides a classic white and red look and a sophisticated body. The Ducati 1299 is an eye-catching bike, but it has more than just looks.


How It Runs

The Ducati 1299 bike is a revolutionary bike. It is said to be the most powerful bike that Ducati has ever made, and that’s something extraordinary. This Superbike features a Ducati Power Launch, which enables the rider to have a lightening-fast start. You can get faster more efficiently and with less effort than before. The engine of the Ducati 1299 superbike can spin faster because of the lighter weight, and it has less gyroscopic resistance to steering inputs in general. The engine produces 215 hp as well, making it faster than most bikes out there. This bike has speed, and the speed also comes from the ability to be built with such lightweight materials.

For one thing, this bike is made out of unobtainium, a lightweight metal product. The bike also utilizes materials such as aluminum, titanium, and tungsten. The entire bike weighs 344 lbs, which is lighter than many superbikes you can buy. The company has made smart choices in picking out lightweight materials for this bike to make it as lightweight as possible. The twin-cylinder engine weighs only 5.3 lbs. So, let’s talk about what weighs only around 5 pounds, a Chihuahua. This is just to put it in perspective. For the features of the engine, it runs smoothly and efficiently because of the lightweight features.

Also, there are aluminum cylinder liners instead of steel cylinder liners in the frame of the bike. The wheels are also made of a lightweight carbon fiber material. These wheels produce less rolling resistance for a safer ride.We will discuss the safety features in the next section.


As far as safety goes, there are certain features that make this bike safe. For one thing, this bike boasts great Engine Break Control, or EBC. With EBC, you can be guaranteed a stable ride. The EBS has three levels, so you can control the strength of the break.

With another feature, the bike provides a Bosch Cornering ABS system to keep the bike under control. Another feature is the new slipper and self-servo system that gives you ride stability. To go even further, there has been a series of tests done to ensure the safety of the rider, including the Active Transient Thermography test. This test is the same test used by Aerospace engineers and others associated with it. This inspection uses Non-Destruction Inspection, or NDI, technology to test the product. Also, another test that is Computed Axial Tomography, which provides a 3D X-Ray inspection of the Ducati 1299. Looking inside the bike is also important in making sure it is safe and secure. The efficiency along with the safety features make the bike one that is hard to beat.